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The Walterborough 17.83 is the annual Run/Walk put on by the Colleton County Historical and Preservation Society.  Jacob and Paul Walter first came to the area in 1783 to avoid the weather and pests along the coast.  Other families followed, and the town of Walterborough was formed.

Pon Pon 28.JPG


This year’s event highlights historic preservation in Colleton County with a focus on Pon Pon Chapel of Ease in Jacksonboro. Pon Pon Chapel is now a church ruin, but was first built in 1725 as a wood structure and rebuilt with bricks in 1754. Some of these bricks remain in the church today. As witness to nearly three centuries of history, the chapel deserves to be stabilized, preserved, and interpreted for generations to come. CCHAPS is implementing a 10-year plan for the site and Pon Pon Chapel will be a vital part of the Revolutionary War 250th Anniversary featuring Jacksonboro’s importance in American history. 


CCHAPS is asking participants to run, walk, bike, or move (as long as it doesn't involve a motor) a total of 17.83 miles during the month of May.  Participants have the entire month to complete or beat the 17.83 miles.  In can be completed in segments or all at once.  In the past, some have run very long distances while others just walk a mile in their neighborhood every night.  There is no wrong way to get those miles in. 


Categories for prizes include:

1) most miles

2) completing the entire distance in a single day (a drawing if more than one)

3) most senior participant

4) youngest participant

5) participant from the farthest away

6) photos of historic sites you encounter while moving (also a drawing).  To be eligible, track your movement using whatever app you prefer and post those screenshots and historic photos on the Events page of the CCHAPS Facebook page. 


Winners will be announced at the end of May.

Run for Pon Pon

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